Teaching Lesson Challenge (updated 2022)

Theme:  The use of microcontrollers is pervasive within our society. Microcontrollers such as Arduino’s™, Raspberry Pi’s™, Makey Makey’s™, (and many others) are used by students, educators, and professionals to fulfill our needs and wants.

Challenge: Your challenge is to develop, deliver, and reflect on a lesson about a facet(s) of microcontrollers as teaching tools for electrical theory, circuitry, components, or electronic control technology. Note: You should choose carefully; microcontrollers make very effective hands-on lessons. Be cautious in choosing just the right amount of content for a 15-minute lesson.

Coordinator:  Dr. Steven Miller, North Carolina State University

Guidelines: Teaching Lesson Challenge 2022 (click to download a PDF)

Posted: September 23, 2022