Poster Session Challenge (updated for 2022)

The TEECA Poster Session Challenge requires students to complete research on a topic of technological significance selected annually by TEECA and then to present the research in the form of an educational display called a Poster Session​. Topics will be selected from broad categories such as:

  1. Technologists: Raymond Loewy (Father of Industrial Design), Leonardo da Vinci, Henry Dreyfuss
  2. Inventions/Innovations: steam engine, telephone, elevator, electric generation and distribution integrated computer chip
  3. Technological Principles: structures, mechanisms, human factors, systems
  4. Social or Environmental Impacts: public water systems, Luddites, recycling, Industrial Revolution

This year’s topic (from category 3 above) is modeling. More details are in the guidelines below.

Student contestants will be required to attend a regional or national meeting, set up their Poster Session, and make a five-minute presentation. The Poster Session may be designed by an individual or by a two or three-person team. The contest is intended to encourage high-quality research and display presentations and as such should be part of a design class or supported by the institution/program as an extracurricular activity. It is anticipated that the material developed in this contest will be of benefit to the student in student teaching or as a beginning professional.

Coordinator: Erik Schettig, North Carolina State University

Guidelines: Poster Session Challenge 2022 [pdf]

Posted: October 24, 2022