Communications Challenge

Description: The objective for media production teams in the communication competition is to plan and produce quality media, such as a video-based commercial/advertisement, or to provide information to an audience on an “assigned topic.” The “assigned topic” or “media challenge” will typically be for a product, service, issue, or organization. Media teams may receive a short description of the product, service, or organization, and possibly some relevant background information. However, the bulk of the information needed for the specified media will be up to the team to research. Teams must develop the planning documents and produce the required media within the time constraints of the contest. View recent past competitions by visiting our TEECA East Conference YouTube Channel.

  • Each media production team will consist of three to six TEECA students from an affiliated university.
  • Teams must have a minimum of three team members registered/present at the conference, and the team may consist of three additional members who do not attend the conference.
  • The members may be either full-time undergraduate or graduate students, with no more than half of the members being graduate students.


  • This competition requires teams to fill out a form available from the challenge document, so that they receive the required planning templates. Do not wait to fill out the form. The form link in the below challenge document.
  • The competition has planning items that are due before the start of the conference. See the challenge for details and due dates.

Coordinator: Dr. Mark Springston, State University of New York at Oswego

Guidelines: 2022 Communications Challenge

Posted: Sept 20, 2022