Instructional Module Challenge (updated for 2022)


Instructional modules can be used as a means of supplementing or delivering instruction. Modules likely reached their heyday as an instructional technique in technology & engineering education more than 20 years ago, but they have served a means of instruction in the field long before the term “modules” became popular. Like all instructional techniques, modular instruction has some benefits and some detriments. One potential detriment is that most modules have historically been developed and marketed by vendors, which can lead to a “vendor-driven curriculum.” A solution to this problem is to create instructor-developed modules. 

Your challenge will be to develop an instructional module from scratch using limited materials and budget, and within a limited time frame — just like in a real classroom. You are welcome to use computer technology of all sorts, a backdrop, and a physical “to do” portion in keeping with the history of our profession. Each module will be limited to one conference table. The only thing you won’t know until you attend the morning information session on site in Rehoboth Beach is the TOPIC of your instructional module!   

Coordinator: Pat Foster, Central Connecticut State University

Guidelines: Instructional Module 2022

Last updated: November 3, 2022