Manufacturing Challenge



The manufacturing competition is designed to both encourage and reward the study of production technology as it relates to manufacturing. Each participating team must include college students from TEECA affiliated chapters. The teams must design, document, fabricate and implement a continuous manufacturing system to produce an assigned product using only the tools on the official list.

Evaluation is based on team performance, safety, craftsmanship of tooling design, documentation of design efforts, and quality of the product.

It should be noted that part of the competition involves a certain degree of problem solving skills, especially when creating your tooling and inspection gauges. Teams are encouraged to be creative in the fabrication of the tooling to optimize both speed and repeatability. Exploiting the creativity of each school will allow both the products and tooling to increase in quality. The use of CNC equipment, lasers, and automated systems should be encouraged if the schools have access to such equipment. Partnering with a company with such equipment is also acceptable; however, utilizing the equipment should be a learning experience for the students. Selection and use of materials, equipment, or external partnerships should be well documented and defended during a presentation.


Team members MUST be student members of ITEEA and members of an affiliated TEECA college or university and must be registered participants at the regional and/or national conference (Note that all students registered for TEECA-East are eligible to participate in this Manufacturing challenge). Teams must have at least three, but not more than six, members. Each team is allowed one graduate student to participate in the competition.


Guidelines: 2022 Manufacturing Challenge Guidelines 

Manufacturing Plans: 2022 TEECA Manufacturing Plans


Alex Johnson, Millersville University: 

Justin Egresitz, North Carolina State University

Posted: September 14, 2022